About Us

Modern Automation is a team of professionals with a clear mission. We make daily routines easy by introducing touch automation control to residential homes and commercial boardrooms and offices. We provide one-stop in-house solution from beginning stages of planning and designing to the final installation and software application. Each project is different; whether it is a new construction, renovation, retro-fit or simply integrating existing equipment, we tailor fit individual needs and circumstances to create a one-of-a-kind automation solution.

Modern Automation does not add technology to your homes or offices; we simplify it. Tell us about your concept, let us piece it together and personalize it for you. Together, we can make imagination a reality.


By enabling the various systems in the house to work together and create a symbiosis, the smart home technology is truly at your disposal.

  • Lighting

    Why get home late to a pitch-dark house when you can have the porch light on at exactly sunset? Why try to find a bunch of light switches in the dark when a “cookie path” button lights up the path from your bed to your midnight snack in the kitchen? You can have total control of your lights and set scenes for every occasion

  • Shades

    Our ultra quiet shade motors bring a luxurious touch to your house. Interacting with daylight sensors, our shades automatically adjust the amount of sunlight that shines through the room during the day, and provide the privacy you need at night.

  • Smart Locks

    Remotely unlock the door for the cleaning lady while you are away. One lock can support up to 30 different user passcodes with a log of activities for each code. A “Welcome Home” scene can be created for each user. Specified lights will light up, and your favourite playlist will start playing as soon as you enter your code and unlocks the door.

  • Audio/Video

    An audio and video distribution system makes all media contents available everywhere in your house. You can start watching your favorite shows in the living room, and pick up where you left off in your bedroom. With pre-built scenes, each family member can efficiently access and control their media contents without disturbing others.

  • Climate and Environment

    Be energy efficient with our automatic climate control. Based on your daily routine, the smart system will set the temperature back when you are not around, and it will warm up the house twenty minutes prior to your return.

  • Home Cinema

    We procure top of the line cinema equipment and acoustic treatments for your home cinema. Our goal is to bring the experience you have in a movie theatre into your home. A Crestron system helps you simplify theatre control. With one single touch, the projector turns on, the screen is lowered, lights dimmed, and you are ready to enjoy your favourite movie.

Awards & Recognition

Our team continues to pursue perfection while keeping our industry knowledge up to date. Our accomplishments are well recognized in the integration community.